About Us

Welcome to The Lady Boss Micro Lending LTD

Our Vision

To be the most efficient micro-lending institution in Kenya by being cashless, paperless and data-driven to offer the best value , most flexible and most customer-oriented financial services in the market for woman entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support women with small loans that can enable them to start businesses, building assets and gaining business skills so that they can generate income on a long-term basis, permanently improving their household living standards, and achieving financial independence for themselves and their families.

What We Do

Key Features


Individual & Group Management

Individual & Group Client loans are fully supported.


Loans & Savings

Full & flexible loan and savings.  Quickly & easily.


Integrated Accounting

Realtime bookings & financial reports at your fingertips.

Credit Checks For Improved Loan Decisions​

Automate credit committees with our unique system checks.

Why Choose Us?

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